Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Memphis Grizzlies Foundation part of the Memphis Grizzlies franchise?
Yes. The Grizzlies Foundation is funded and led by the ownership group of the Memphis Grizzlies NBA team.

How can I get Memphis Grizzlies tickets for a group of kids?
The Memphis Grizzlies and Community Engagement staff operate “Grizz Ticket Assist,” a program to distribute tickets free of charge to non-profit organizations, Title 1 schools and registered charities. Click here to learn more and apply online.

How can I get a grant for my non-profit organization?
If you are a member of MENTOR Memphis Grizzlies, contact Tiffani Morrow at

How do I get a donation for my auction or fundraising event?
The Memphis Grizzlies are committed to working with registered charities in the region through its in-kind donations program. Click here to learn about the policies and apply online.

How do I arrange for a speaker from the Memphis Grizzlies Foundation for my organization?
Foundation staff members are happy to meet with your organization or community group to talk about mentoring opportunities and distribute information and application materials. To set up a session, contact Tiffani Morrow at Please provide information on the date, time and location of your event and the nature and size of your audience.

I want to start a new youth mentoring program. What should I do?
MENTOR Memphis Grizzlies offers training and technical assistance in program management and access to information and resources supporting mentoring. New programs are invited to join the Partnership and take advantage of these opportunities.

How can I sign my child up for the TEAM Mentor Program?
The TEAM Mentor Program is school-based and is not open for general registration.


Where does mentoring take place?
Where you mentor depends on who you mentor for. There are three ways to mentor:

  • Community-based: mentoring takes place anywhere in the community
  • Site-based: mentoring takes place exclusively at the program’s site
  • Internet-based: mentoring takes place online with no in-person contact

How do I become a mentor?
Visit here to learn how to become a mentor.

How much of a time commitment is mentoring?
It depends on the organization. Some programs require weekly meetings, while others are monthly.

Is there a minimum age requirement to mentor?
Age requirements vary by organization. Big Brothers Big Sisters has the lowest minimum age requirement at 14.

Is training required to be a mentor?
While other programs may vary, all mentoring organizations in the MENTOR Memphis Grizzlies network require an initial mentor training facilitated by the Grizzlies Foundation.

How can I sign my child up for mentoring?
As each organization has different requirements for mentees, look at our Partners page to find a program close to you.

What kind of experience do I need to be a mentor?
In general, no experience is required to be a mentor. Some organizations have certain stipulations (i.e. must have a college degree), but these vary.

Training Institute

Can I attend a program training if I’m not part of a program?
Yes, we welcome individuals interested in starting their own programs to attend any of MENTOR Memphis Grizzlies trainings.

How do I register for upcoming trainings?
All upcoming trainings can be found here.