Grizzlies Prep


Educating young men in grades five to eight, Grizzlies Prep prepares all students to excel academically and demonstrate integrity.  Within a rigorous and disciplined middle school, students become equipped for success in high school, college and life. It is the only public charter school in the nation branded by an NBA team. It is also one of only a few schools to consistently grow students an average of two grade levels per year. 

Grizzlies Prep's Core Values are Responsibility, Integrity, Courage, Commitment, Grit and Excellence. Each day, Grizzlies Prep staff teach scholars the meaning and importance of these values and how to exemplify them in their lives.


Grizzlies Prep serves as a school site for the Grizzlies TEAM Mentoring program and GrizzFit. 

TEAM Mentor places three volunteer adult mentors with six students to form a TEAM; each TEAM functions as a micro-community with its own identity, culture, values and voice. 

GrizzFit utilizes their coaches as mentors. GrizzFit coaches develop meaningful relationships with players, build positive inclusive team culture, and uses sport to teach youth skills they can use in their lives. 

The TEAM Mentor time commitment:

  • 90 minutes per week at designated school site
  • One school year (two semesters)
  • Mentor orientation and training
  • Special events and off-site activities including, one community service project, a holiday celebration, a Grizzlies game, and the year-end celebration. 

GrizzFit operates out of Grizzlies Prep four days out of the week.