CODECREW is a non-profit organization funded by the Grizzlies Foundation that is leading the youth coding movement in Memphis. 

As the information economy advances, the digital skills gap is significant for adults and children nationwide, but is particularly pronounced in Memphis, where the tech community is bourgeoning, but is still behind on virtually every major indicator, threatening our city's prosperity. While a handful of isolated efforts have been launched to begin to address these problems amonst our youth, what Memphis really needs is an environment that generates much greater numbers of young techies. 

CODECREW proactively addresses these problems by: 

  • Directly providing in-depth computer science training to kids;
  • Serving as a resource for parents, educators and other organizations looking to address the digital skills gap; 
  • Raising awareness about the importance of diversity in tech and the role of computer science training in lifting prosperity in Memphis. 

Grizzlies Digital Lab

The Grizzlies Collaborative Learning Lab at Lester Community Center is an interactive learning environment that houses the bed of innovation and the latest technology tools for students to significantly improve academic performance. Local organizations Lester Prep, Peer Power, CODECREW and Start Co. together provide after-school tutoring and enrichment workshops children in the Binghampton community.

Grizzlies Digital Code Camp

Grizzlies Digital Coding Camp at Lester Community Center is a program for 6th - 8th graders. Founded by CODECREW and taught by local tech professionals, students elevate their digital savvy and are introduced to a new career path.