Mentee Stories

Terrence Vaughn Jr., MIFA-COOL

My name is Terrence Vaughn, Jr. I'm a recent graduate of George Washington Carver High School and a 2014-2015 MIFA COOL program mentee. 

I have always had good grades throughout high school, so I was picked by my teachers to be a member of the COOL program. COOL stands for College Offers Opportunities for Life. It's a fantastic program; the mentors were always there when I needed them. We met at Carver every morning and we focused on college preparation: filling out college applications, FAFSA, scholarships, and portfolios. They paid for my ACT test and we even took college tours.

Hard work, dedication, preparation, and time management helped me achieve one of my biggest goals which was to graduate high school. My next goal has now been set and put in motion; I want to graduate from college majoring in Business.

I had to take a year off to save money and, although I have yet to decide which college to attend, I am now ready for college because of the help and opportunities that the MIFA COOL program  has given me.