Why Did You Join the TEAM?

TEAM Mentors recognize their past inspirations
Posted on Friday, January 29th, 2016

Several of our TEAM Mentor Program mentors chose to get involved because of the impact others have had on their lives growing up. In honor of National Mentoring Month, some of our current mentors gave a shout out to the people who helped them get where they are today. 

On behalf of the Grizzlies TEAM Mentor Program and the Grizzlies Foundation as a whole, we thank everyone that had, and continues to have, a positive influence in the lives of our mentors. You helped grow this generation of mentors who, in turn, are growing the next generation of mentors!

Check out our mentors’ tributes to their mentors below:

Amber Matthews: Soulsville Charter School

Past Mentor: Cassandra Webster

Ms. Webster has been my mentor since I joined Memphis Challenge in 2003. She has always pushed me past what I thought were my limits. She is uplifting and helps me stay focused towards my goals.

Gavin Mosely: Grizzlies Prep

Past Mentor: Brandon Batts

Brandon’s drive and ambition is what made me want to be better in every facet of life: academically, socially, spiritually, everything. The power of a mentor is what they can pull out of you, not just what they put into you, and I can honestly say that my best work came from the time Brandon poured into me.

Beverleye Orr: KIPP Memphis

Past Mentors: Tasha Horton, Sherry Simmons and DeAndre Brown

Thank you for the motivation and support. I always use your advice and wisdom to make me a better person. Love always.

Greg McGraw: Power Center Academy

Past Mentor: Mrs. Greene

My 6th grade science teacher, Mrs. Greene, was the first teacher that I connected with, and helped me find my interest in science.

Freddie Moore: Soulsville Charter School

Past Mentor: Harold Clark Jr.

For always believing in me, and inspiring me through encouragement, example and friendship.

Quenton Shelton: KIPP Memphis

Past Mentor: Joel Malone

Coach Joel was a guy that put life into perspective for me. He was a God fearing man who told me the hard truth and was still someone who was there when I needed love.

Dorian Higgs: Soulsville Charter School

Past Mentor: David Walker

David gave me the opportunity to work in his barbershop from the age of 12 – 19 years old. While working in the barbershop, he taught me various life skills that helped me throughout life.

Isaac Rodriguez: Power Center Academy

Past Mentor: Dr. Bruce Brown

Dr. Brown was my high school statistics teacher. He showed me the world of PhDs and engineering, and was my recommendation for all college applications. He pushed me to work my hardest in everything I do and held me accountable.

Denzel Anthony: Freedom Prep

Past Mentor: Carlos Sample

Carlos encouraged me to always be willing to put in the work to be selfless towards others. He also constantly reminds me that if you are not active in your community, then you are part of the problem. 

Norma Jones: Power Center Academy

Past Mentor: Timothy Kurtz

Mr. Kurtz was the choir director for my local church and was very instrumental in teaching me how to read music and play the piano. He taught my vocal lessons and helped me reach a competition state level. His motivation and inspiration helped me with my career in the music industry today.

LeShundra Robinson: Freedom Prep

Past Mentor: Paula B.

Paula never knew she was actually my mentor, but she became my life skills mentor. She taught me that regardless of what you see on the outside, there is always a story on the inside that is bursting to be told to help someone. That life lesson stayed with me and developed me into the mentor that I am today. 


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