Memphis Grizzlies Scholars Program

What is the Memphis Grizzlies Scholars Program?

The Memphis Grizzlies Scholars Program is a selective high school prep program for high-performing middle school students in Memphis, TN. The program mission is to increase the number of boys of color with access to academically rigorous, independent high schools as a pathway to success in college and their career.

 In May 2016, the Program accepted ten 8th graders to participate in a one year immersive learning experience designed to accelerate student growth and achievement. As part of the curriculum, students will identify, apply, and ultimately enroll in a competitive high school suited to their strengths.

Program Curriculum

The program curriculum is divided into three distinct phases - academic enrichment, academic counseling and support, and leadership development. All successful candidates have the opportunity to take advantage of several extraordinary educational, cultural, and progressive activities with fellow Scholars:

  • Guaranteed enrollment in the Bridge Builders Summer Leadership Conference
  • Four (4) intensive Workshop Retreats designed to provide skill and leadership development
  • Additional instructional time in core subject areas
  • Experienced guidance, assistance and support through the high school application process
  • A two-week summer experience at Deer Hill Expeditions focused on building identity and independence

Each scholar also received a qualified, trained Mentor who matriculates through the program alongside them. This program is made possible through a generous grant from Memphis Area Ford Dealers.